Executive Search in Medical Devices | Medical Device Recruitment
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The Catalyst, York Science Park | Baird Lane | York, YO10 5GA | UNITED KINGDOM

  • To connect visionary Medical Device companies with our network of industry specialists, maximising the potential of technology and talent. 

  • The pace of Medical technology innovation is quickening year on year with a new patent filed on average once every 50 minutes in the European market alone.  

    • Leaders of both fledgling and established businesses agree that the key differentiator between success and failure within this hyper competitive context is the ability to harness the skills of a multi-faceted team, capable not only of keeping up with, but actively anticipating and staying ahead of industry trends and challenges. 

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    • Without a clear value adding proposition for their market sector, our client's businesses and the products they develop would not be fit for purpose. It is only by mirroring this commitment to quality in our own processes that we can provide the true partnership we strive for. 

  • Our consultants have the space to build the selection process at the speed and to the specification which best fits the client's requirement. Without the strains of internal metrics, they have the ability to focus on the only KPI which should matter – the hiring of the individual who fits the strategic objectives of the clients’ business.

  • Each role we are mandated to fill is the responsibility of the whole team. Internally we pool our knowledge and networks to maximise your exposure to the highest quality cross-section of talent.