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  • The Context

    Our client, a leading source of innovation within the field of Medical Imaging, had focussed their commerical activities on the US market. The recruitment of a VP Global Sales was a definite step towards the penetration of APAC and EMEA markets, which to this point had been largely untapped. The potential scale of the role related almost entirely to the vision and skill of the chosen candidate, in very real terms the future prosperity of the business relied upon a meticulous process with an optimum end result.

  • The Campaign

    To ensure the need for speed was met we utilized our existing network of device market executives. The company was branching out into new territory as their global sales effort was reaching a stage where it required very deliberate alignment and management. The new VP would be tasked with plotting and overseeing the execution of a strategic vision for the global sales function, cultivating and leveraging a broad KOL network and rolling out best practice across the entire global sales team.

    Our network within the devices market is substantial and we were able to identify three candidates to be assessed by the company, each of which had experience of administering similarly scaled operations . One candidate in particular demonstrated the strength of character needed to issue directives, the KOL network to hit the ground running and the vision to understand where and when investments should be made.