The Woundcare Sales Representative


Woundcare sales representatives offer products that close and heal wounds, and work with both primary and secondary healthcare staff. This means that the role involves travelling to both hospitals and GP surgeries. Woundcare is a field where new medical technology is constantly innovating, and a growing area of sales for many companies, so sales representatives are in demand. Being able to see how these devices heal patients, and then explain them to medical professionals, is the most rewarding part of this job.

Many companies operating a Woundcare or wound management division will require sales reps who already have experience in medical sales, and often medical qualification, as they will have to establish close links with clinical professionals, including providing demonstrations and training for devices. Becoming a woundcare sales rep can mean taking on new skills, including organisation and planning which will help you manage your work schedule, and keep up to date with demonstrations of samples.

Applying for a Woundcare Sales role

Most companies will ask for experience with medical devices, although some will also consider pharmaceutical experience. Having a BSc in nursing, or equivalent experience in a clinical setting, will help get the qualifications that you need.

Experience in a field setting is often viewed as essential for woundcare sales representatives, since the field is constantly evolving and hospital staff need training on new devices. Having the confidence, knowledge and communications skills that come with previous sales experience benefits everyone.

What can I expect?

Woundcare sales representative salaries start at around £30,000 and increase through bonuses and commission, so there may be an additional 20-30% above the basic pay rate for those prepared to work hard. Transporting medical samples between hospitals is a big responsibility that requires strict organisation skills and the ability to work out how many types of each sample you will need on a working day. These skills can be learnt before starting the role, or developed on the go.

The job involves travelling broad distances, and talking to various hospital and surgery staff, including people with limited knowledge of the company’s devices as well as specialists seeking improvements in their current models. All these types of customers can present different challenges to the woundcare rep. Being able to communicate the benefits of your product will ensure that professional staff have a clear understanding of how it can enhance their current medical procedures.

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