Chief Technical Officer Intensive Therapy – Norway


The Context

Guided Solutions were contacted by a young pre-commercialisation stage start-up Medical Device company based out of a relatively remote location in Norway. The company had developed a disruptive technology for use in ICU.

With further funding to obtain, trials to pass and regulatory hoops to jump through, the company were looking to find an individual who would relish the challenges presented by the market conditions and the ambitious timelines the company had set for reaching evolving milestones.

The Campaign

The primary function of the role was to develop where possible the usability of the core technology, overcome production scale-up difficulties, and work with regulatory bodies to ensure that the product could enter the market smoothly. The search for an individual with the knowledge of technological development, regulatory procedure and fitting cultural outlook to work within a highly specific entrepreneurial environment proved to be challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

After a measured process, two candidates emerged with the blended skill-set necessary. At the final interview stage, one candidate edged the other through their consistent presentation of a deep desire to affect the client company and a value-adding strategic plan for achieving this.

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