Map & Connect – Radiology


The Context

Our client is a once fledgling, now established Radiology Medtech operating at the forefront of product innovation within their field. Encouraging international growth had led the business to a tipping point where a decision had to be made as to whether consolidation or pursuance of aggressive global expansion should be the strategy.

The company elected to go after growth, and this necessarily required great increases in headcount as well as plans in place to ensure a steady flow of talent into the future as the business continued to scale up and reach new milestones.

The Campaign

Within this context, the role of Guided Solutions was three-fold:

Phase 1: Value proposition

Our client had elected to enter several Asia Pacific markets where they had a negligible level of brand and product recognition. These included Australia and Singapore, significant though relatively small medtech communities. Before undertaking any kind of market mapping action, therefore, we sat down to work with our client to understand and develop a compelling value proposition harmonised with each of these localities.

Phase 2: Market mapping

The company were operating with a distributor sales model in all of the new markets they were entering. On that basis, they had elected to hire clinically focused customer support and product training experts to augment the indirect sales teams. Once viability had been fully established within a particular market the plan was to phase out the distributor sales model and replace it with direct sales. We got to work identifying the potential sources from which we could draw this kind of talent, building a comprehensive list of commercial organisations as well as educational institutions operating within or close to our client’s niche.

Phase 3: Brand nurturing

We commenced the promotional part of the process establishing a dialogue with individuals of interest to the company.

The primary activity was pursuing clinically focused talent and connecting them with the business as soon as possible. The secondary activity focused on cultivating a longer-term talent pipeline, targeting the salespeople the company expected to need in the future. This process involved more speculative conversations to build an understanding of what factors would be most important for candidates in considering future career moves.

As a consultancy we have maintained contact with these individuals over a two-year period, continually updating our client’s perspective on available talent as their presence in the region has developed.

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