Teva launches 2 digital inhalers in U.S.
Teva launches 2 digital inhalers in U.S.

Teva Respiratory announced that it launched its AirDuo Digihaler and ArmonAir Digihaler digital inhalers in the U.S.

The U.S. affiliate of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries launched both digital inhalers as treatments for asthma. The AirDuo Digihaler is a prescription inhalation powder for controlling symptoms of asthma and preventing symptoms such as wheezing in people 12 years of age and older.

ArmonAir Digihaler is a prescription medicine designed for the long-term treatment of asthma in patients 12 years of age or older. Neither of the Digihalers launched by Teva are used to relieve sudden breathing problems from asthma and will not replace the need for a rescue inhaler, according to a news release.

Both products utilize built-in Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to a companion mobile app for compiling data on inhaler use, which is recorded as an event when the cap is opened or a patient inhales.

The Digihalers automatically detect, record and store objective inhaler use data, including peak respiratory flow, and can remind the patient how often devices have been used, measure inspiratory flow rates and determine if inhalation technique may need improvement.

“Being able to now offer AirDuo Digihaler and ArmonAir Digihaler to patients is an exciting step forward for Teva, and one that we are extremely proud of,” Teva Pharmaceuticals executive VP of North America commercial Brendan O’Grady said in the release. “With the launch of these two maintenance products, we’re now able to offer the full Digihaler portfolio to patients, potentially allowing them to gain an even deeper understanding of their overall asthma treatment regimen due in part to the data collection capabilities of the Digihaler portfolio of products.”

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