Samsung develops 3D imaging ultrasound software
Samsung develops 3D imaging ultrasound software

The new CrystalLive solution, developed by the company’s medical instrument arm Samsung Medison, delivers 3D pictures of organs and foetuses. The company’s new WS80A ultrasound device utilises the solution and is scheduled to be released in Korea, Europe and the United States.

Samsung has stated that the engine will enable doctors to improve the accuracy of diagnoses by identifying potential congenital diseases. More so, the improve imaging of foetuses should offer mothers a clearer picture of their unborn child, building intimacy.

In a statement, Samsung Medison said: “We plan to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis through the CrystalLive engine and speed up our penetration into university-run hospitals, which call for high-level diagnosis.”

The engine features earlier Samsung technologies including 3D rendering and colour technologies to provide clearer images and improved structure expression.

The company is planning to release the system and engine in other markets as it receives relevant authorisations.