Prosthetic maker Ottobock to expand into exoskeletons
Prosthetic maker Ottobock to expand into exoskeletons

German prosthetics maker Ottobock is looking to enter the field of mechanical exoskeletons, according to a recent Reuters report.

The company’s initial foray will focus mainly on manual labor and industrial use, though its initial development in the field was intended to aid individuals with partial paralysis or spinal injuries, according to the report.

The company is developing the Paexo wearable upper-body exoskeleton intended to reduce the physical strain of repetitive overhead assembly work, according to Reuters.

The Paexo is a passive exoskeleton that transfers weight of the raised arms to the hips through a mechanical cable technology, according to the report, and is intended to be worn for full eight-hour shifts.

Ottobock said it has tested its Paexo unit with automative workers, and plans to launch the device this week. The company also said it aims to retool the device and launch a simplified version for consumer use, according to Reuters.