Neocis Yomi robotic system used in over 1 000 dental implants in 2019
Neocis Yomi robotic system used in over 1 000 dental implants in 2019

Neocis announced that its Yomi robotics system performed over 1,000 dental implants over the course of 2019.

The Yomi is a computerized navigational system designed to assist in both pre and intra-operative phases of dental implantation surgery, the Miami, Fla.-based company said. The system uses haptic robotic technology, which constrains the drill’s position, orientation and depth and is meant to allow for visualization of the surgical site.

Yomi won FDA clearance in March 2017 for dental implant procedures, at which point Neocis touted it as the first robot-assisted device of its kind. The Miami-based company also announced in July that it raised $30 million for commercialization and R&D for the Yomi system.

“This is an exciting milestone for Neocis,” Neocis CEO Alon Mozes said in a news release. “This has been the direct result of streamlining our workflow and increasing the system functionality. We’re excited to see our increased sales and utilization further underscore the appetite for robotics in the dental industry.”

“We’ve been able to use Yomi for many cases thanks to a quick learning curve,” added Corner Stone Dental Arts (Knoxvill, Tenn.) dentist and Yomi user Dr. Joe Griffin. “The system has been easy to incorporate into our practice. We see this clearly establishing a new standard of care for implant patients.”