Baxter wins CE Mark for EVO IQ syringe system
Baxter wins CE Mark for EVO IQ syringe system

Baxter announced that it received regulatory approval in Europe and Australia for its Evo IQ syringe infusion system.

With CE Mark approval in Europe and a nod from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the company expects hospitals in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Australia and New Zealand to be among the first to receive the new system.

Baxter’s Evo IQ system delivers small volumes of medications and other fluids in a controlled manner as part of the Evo IQ infusion platform, a suite of smart pumps designed for patients’ specific needs. With Baxter’s web-based Dose IQ safety software and wireless IQ Enterprise connectivity suite, the device is designed around preventing harmful infusion programming errors and facilitating compliance and efficiency for clinicians.

According to a news release, Baxter expects Evo IQ to be available in select markets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand next month.

“Around the world, many clinicians prefer to have a choice between syringe and large volume infusion pumps to accommodate patient needs,” Baxter medication delivery business GM David Ferguson said in the release. “Introducing the Evo IQ syringe infusion system enables a wider range of infusion therapy options for different patient populations.

“Evolving our portfolio to build on Baxter’s infusion system expertise is key as we strive to personalize therapy and eliminate preventable harm.”

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