"Smallest" digital camera for endoscopy developed
"Smallest" digital camera for endoscopy developed

OptaSensor now released the smallest commercially available digital camera, with high resolution, just 1x1mm in size and a volume of 1,7mm³ only. The camera is based on wafer level packaging, high-quality wafer level optic and an integrated NIR-cut filter.

With this tiny design it is possible to integrate OsirisM in medical disposable endoscope applications, like smallest size Ureteroscopes, Bronchoscopes or Arthroscopes.

Besides that, there is also an OsirisM stereo version available, which can be combined with a 1x1mm micro-projector, for providing structured illumination.

Due to the robust digital LVDS Interface the camera can use a simple integrated cable, with a variable length up to 5m. OptaSensor is additionally offering different lens options and filter integration, which can be also customized on demand.

To get started the camera can be ordered as a DemoKit together with an Image Processing System.

About OptaSensor:

OptaSensor GmbH, located in Germany, is focused on photonics integration, design and manufacturing of specially tailored small factor visualization and sensing solutions, particularly for any application where size matters.

One of the main target uses are micro camera modules for the high-volume medical disposable endoscope market. OptaSensor is providing solutions for easier integration on final medical device products, at a very cost-effective pricing, without compromising todays highest quality requirements.

Besides off-the-shelf products the company is also offering specific adaptations of standard devices or full custom designs of micro camera modules, based on the requirements of the client.

With already 15 years of experience, the founders and engineers of OptaSensor are pioneers developing and producing micro camera modules for medical disposable uses, with a worldwide customer basis.

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