Kristien Esser-CEO-Executive Search in Medical Devices

My Grandparents emigrated to the UK from Germany in 1920. The Family built a life and a living in their new home, through entrepreneurship, a strong-will and self-reliance. Their way of life and attitude towards work has had a profound effect on my career.

I founded Guided Solutions in 2000 at the age of 26, after 2 years in Medical Technology recruitment. Forming my own company seemed a completely natural step at that juncture and gave me the freedom to use what I had learned to redefine the recruitment process the way I felt it should be. 

Working an active desk in conjunction with my role as CEO has given me an appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between the two duties; as one grows it nurtures the other. It is this fact as much as any other which has enabled me to continually renew and refine my abilities in leading our Executive Search services.

Executive Search is a team effort and we have to have layers of capability within the organisation to be able to reach out into the market with a sufficiently targeted strategy. 

It takes strength of character and skill to recruit consistently at C-Level with fast-growing often VC-funded organisations; because these customers put enormous trust in their recruiter. Being a recruiter and a business owner gives me a uniquely personal insight into the importance of getting hiring right. 

I spend my time with customers who are steadfast in their refusal to negotiate on the quality of their people and who understand the importance of working with a consultant that understands first-hand the need to get new hires right.

If your enthusiasm and absolute drive for finding the best possible people mirrors my own then I look forward to hearing from you and helping your business to achieve its potential. 

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