Damé Medarski-Director of Digital Media-Medical Devices
Director of Digital Media

I grew up in Macedonia, moving to Bulgaria to begin my degree level education. You could say my apprenticeship in online marketing started in the US where I began helping companies increase the power of their web presence and increase ROI on online activities.  

Following the completion of my International Marketing Masters degree in 2012, I joined Guided Solutions. Since then, I have personally overseen and managed the development of our ability to communicate with and add value to our customers in the online sphere.

The past five years have been transformative from a digital perspective for the company – we have seen an exponential increase not only in website traffic but also in the size of our online community. We have gained a following thanks to our dual focus on attracting the highest calibre candidates as well as actively engaging Medical Device industry professionals with relevant industry news and PR activities. This has spearheaded our global expansion and is supporting our clients in moving their business forward.

My role is not an isolated one of course – I am part of a passionate and dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, working in a perpetually evolving industry, dedicated to providing a uniquely exhaustive service. It is our combined effort and dedication to excellence which makes us unique in what we do and is one of the pillars of our continuous success. 

If you would like to discuss possible PR collaborations or simply learn more about the online arm of our business please get in touch. 

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